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Whether you don't know where to start, you've hit your plateau, feel lost on the gym floor, want to lose weight, or desire an athletic edge---our one-on-one, partner, or small group training programs are designed to meet and exceed your fitness goals. For us, acceptance and positivity are paramount.

We always motivate with honest and effective feedback. The big gym, impersonal approach to personal training has no place in our program. Our personal training exceeds what we have come to accept as personal. Meet Our AWESOME Trainers!

Aubree Blomgren, M.A. began personal training after being approached by several of her students from various yoga, pilates, and bootcamp classes to create personal workouts with the same innovative and effective methods demonstrated in class. This set her on a personal training journey, through certifications and self-study, and over the course of ten years, she has the education and experience to create individual programs that work.

Abby Rudolph is our phenomenal Director of Personal Training. On top of her PT certifications, she is certified in Kettlebells, and has interned for Olympic lifts. Abby specializes in strength training with experience in powerlifting, fitness/bodybuilding training, and injury rehab. Her know-how traverses the fitness spectrum, making her an ideal trainer for any fitness objective.

Keith Sloan is 65lbs and two years different than when he first began his personal training journey, training twice a week with Aubree. Keith, determined to live healthfully and abandon negative patterns, trained, tried every class available and adopted new eating methods with a fervor. This passion for better living evolved into his becoming a group fitness and personal trainer. Keith never forgets from where he came and uses this gratitude to fuel his individual attentiveness. None of us are too far gone. And all of us are worth the effort. Keith lives and trains by this mindset.

Angela Atkins is studying to be an Elementary P.E. Instructor, which says so much about her upbeat, patient, and warm personality. She is welcoming and accepting in that good-natured way that lets you know, you can do anything, and you can create physical health that better reflects your innate self-knowing. When you know it is time to change, Angela meets you at your beginning and climbs with you up your mountains. Her training style is influenced by her many class certifications: Insanity, PIYO, CIZE, Pound, Flirty Girl, Train Dirty Fitness, HIIT, UJAM, Pilates, and Kick Fitness

Rodney Lee, former college basketball player at Abilene Christian University. Where my love for training was first aroused. Been training for ten years in both big box gyms and outdoor boot camps. Trained pro and college athletes and have a passion training the weekend warrior as well.

Former Collegiate athlete that fell in love with personal training. Training for ten years with a passion for functional training.

Take your fitness to the NEXT level.

The Personal Trainers at Force Fitness are going to train you in the most functional and innovative ways!

Training times are available throughout the day. Call us 415.761.1881 or contact us to schedule your personal training session.