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Need help with the HOW? This is where we come in! We can be your Facilitators of Awesomeness!

Aubree Blombren, owner and head instructor at Force Fitness, tries to stay continuously tethered to life's mystery and beauty-to always be aware of "how strange it is to be anything at all."

Aubree has taught over 13 years, through the births of her two sons, and while receiving her Masters Degree in Creative Writing from UNT. Having dedicated so many hours to learning the art of yoga, pilates, dance, strength training and the fundamentals of motion-the well from which she draws is deep, making it so no one ever takes the same class twice-where every session is a celebration of where we are and transportation to where we want to go.

Aubree believes all matter matters, and her classes create the space and opportunity for that belief to be realized.

Abby Rudolph, became a personal trainer in 2013 after coaching herself through a 100 pound weight loss. Through the years she read, researched, and incorporated many different methods to be able to teach and train her clients the way for their body, goals, and lifestyle. She ran marathons, half-marathons, and competed in a figure competition and can help you reach your goals no matter how big or small.

In 2012, Florence Brewer tore her Achilles tendon which began her pursuit of low impact activities. This is when she discovered the benefits of yoga! 2 years later, she traveled to Rishikesh India also known as the yoga capital of the world. She spent 28 days obtaining her 200 hour yoga teacher training learning Hatha and Ashtanga yoga styles. In India she realized there were many false perceptions and a lack of education about yoga in western culture. Her mission is to educate the masses about holistic ways of living and create eye opening experiences through yoga!

Keith Sloan is 65lbs and two years different than when he first began his personal training journey, training twice a week with Aubree. Keith, determined to live healthfully and abandon negative patterns, trained, tried every class available and adopted new eating methods with a fervor. This passion for better living evolved into his becoming a group fitness and personal trainer. Keith never forgets from where he came and uses this gratitude to fuel his individual attentiveness. None of us are too far gone. And all of us are worth the effort. Keith lives and trains by this mindset.

Hi! I am Christina Frost and I absolutely love Zumba Fitness and am excited to be an instructor of something so life changing. It has transformed me from the inside out and when I dance I feel strong, exhilarated, and full of life. I'm blessed to have the wonderful opportunity to evoke the same feelings in others so that they may enjoy their lives in good health.

I truly enjoy seeing others succeed and I hope to be the catalyst that motivates, inspires, and supports you when you're in my class. If you're looking to improve your health, need a new workout routine, or just came to PARTY then meet me on the dance floor! "Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances."—Maya Angelou

Angela Atkins is studying to be an Elementary P.E. Instructor, which says so much about her upbeat, patient, and warm personality. She is welcoming and accepting in that good-natured way that lets you know, you can do anything, and you can create physical health that better reflects your innate self-knowing. When you know it is time to change, Angela meets you at your beginning and climbs with you up your mountains. Her training style is influenced by her many class certifications: Insanity, PIYO, CIZE, Pound, Flirty Girl, Train Dirty Fitness, HIIT, UJAM, Pilates, and Kick Fitness

Hello! I’m Jennifer Cowley and I am an artist, wife and mother with a zeal for fitness and health! I am certified in Hip Hop Hustle, Urban Striptease Aerobics and Flirty Girl Fitness. I am also very skilled in teaching soul line dancing.

I LOVE to dance! I enjoy seeing women empowered and gaining and regaining confidence which is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

"Because one believes in oneself, one doesn't try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn't need others' approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her."— Lao Tzu

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Whether we are converting fat to muscle, weakness to strength, disease to ease, injury to healing, misalignment to alignment, imbalance to balance, insecurity to confidence, or stress to release-we need support, guidance, acceptance, humor, and community.

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