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Build & Burn

Build & Burn is a total body workout for any level of fitness. We utilize weights and body weight with high to low repetitions to shape your muscles and increase your strength. Get ready to torch calories and make your body strong!

M: 9:00 AM M: 6:00 PMW: 9:00 AM SA: 9:00 AM

Barre Pilates

A dynamic system of exercises based on "contrology," plyometrics, ballet, and intuitive motion--to create graceful endurance, deeply defined tone, elongation + flexibility, core strength, coordination, balance and enhanced mental agility.

T: 9:00 AMTH: 8:00 AMTH: 6:00 PMSA: 10:00 AM


At Twerk, we embrace and build upon the pelvic tilt, hip roll, booty pop, shimmy, and shake in a comfortable and safe environment.

So in case you were wondering what this is all about, visit TWRKIT.com to find out more!

W: 6:00 PMTH: 7:00 PM  

Step & Tone

Check out our new class!

M: 8:00 PMW: 8:00 AMFR: 8:00 AM


Each unique yoga class is a motley gathering of asana, pranayama, meditation, text, tradition, and innovation, where awareness and ability unite; where self and other unite; where out and in unite. Here, there is always the experiment and adventure of seeking the perfect combination of mind, body, breath, to enter a state of union. Here, we accept and allow the passing of our densities, delusions, darknesses, discomforts, and depletions, clearing ourselves and our cells for Joy, Love, Kindness, Compassion, and Freedom!

Yoga I

An all-level class that teaches the basics of yoga and meditation. This class engages both the beginning and long-time practitioner with fundamental and ever-changing class content drawn from a wide array of meditation and yoga types, techniques, tenets and postures.

TU: 8:00 AM TU: 7:00 PM W: 7:00 PM SA: 11:00 AM

Iron Yoga

Power yoga and weights.

FR: 9:00 AM

Restorative Yoga

TH: 9:00 AM

Hip-Hop Step

It is a fun and low-impact exercise with amazing results.

TU: 6:00 PM

@ Force Fitness...

Hip-Hop Step

It is a fun and low-impact exercise with amazing results.

Tuesdays @ 6pm

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