We've Moved!
Visit us at our NEW location. 6750 Baker Blvd, Richland Hills, TX 76118

We DO IT different.

At Force Fitness we believe that change is constant, that it happens whether we pay attention to it or not, and that often times we find ourselves allocating our energy, and strength-our Force- to pursuits that drain, not feed; that weaken, not build, that imbalance, not balance-

BUT, that does not have to be the case in our lives. We CAN participate in our changes with an awareness and consciousness that harnesses our Force in a way that empowers us to create the body, the mind, the life that we want.

This space is full of love, joy and kindness. Know that we are not trying to erect a gym, we are manifesting a community of presence and power, acceptance and CHANGE.

@ Force Fitness

Dance Fitness

"dance like no one IS watching" ... Force offers 4 dance-fit awesome classes, Twrkit, Hip-Hop Step, Zumba, and MVMNT by TWRKIT (MOVEMENT by TWRKIT)!

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Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers are nationally certified and are here to help you with all of your fitness goals.

We are going to train you in the most functional and innovative ways with exciting and versatile equipment…kettlebells, battle ropes, tires, Olympic bars, medicine balls, and the most important piece of equipment…YOU.

For more information, call us at 415.761.1881.

Personal Training

Force Fitness Community

Force Fitness is a dynamic training space born out of our desire to take group fitness and personal training to a new level of creativity and capability.


We've Moved!

Same great classes at our NEW location.

Our new location has a gorgeous bamboo floor with pretty sky blue walls, natural light, a ballet barre along one wall, mirrors, brand new equipment, more classes, a brightly tiled locker with skylights, and KIDS Care.

The kid's room is so freaking cute. The concept is a nest on a branch for our little birdies.

Meet us at the barre!

Barre Pilates

Check out all of our great classes!

Class Descriptions

We are here to help, to answer, and to teach.

We are approachable. We are just alike—just people trying to find our quickest, happiest way to conversion.

All questions are welcome. All levels are welcome. All people are welcome. Please call us at 415.761.1881 or contact us.

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