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Each unique yoga class is a motley gathering of asana, pranayama, meditation, text, tradition, and innovation … [READ MORE ]


A dynamic system of exercises based on "contrology," plyometrics, ballet, and intuitive motion … [READ MORE ]


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At Twerk, we embrace and build upon the pelvic tilt, hip roll, booty pop, shimmy, and shake in a comfortable … [READ MORE ]


Build & Burn is a total body workout for any level of fitness. We utilize weights and body weight … [READ MORE ]


MVMNT ​is a multi-level, fitness dance class, perfect for beginners and advanced dancers, … [READ MORE ]


HARDCORE​ is an all-level, dynamic power-hour that focuses on the abdominals, AND … [READ MORE ]

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Master instructor, Aubree Blomgren discussed taking universal concepts: Love, Life, and Light globally with a fresh perspective. Such a tour de force requires a full expression of self and hard work.

Show Date: 06-20-2017

Look! We made it in the FW Weekly! TWRKIT was just an idea, a hypothesis, a question--and now it's a totally bad ass class that revolutionizes our bodies & spirits and changes our mind about our backsides!

The Gym and I: Twerk is the New Squat

Posted June 25, 2016 by Alexis Matthews

I like to think of myself as a good dancer. In my mind, and after multiple drinks, I feel like I am the best dancer in the world. That myth is often debunked when I trip over my own feet while trying to do a simple 'grapevine' in a workout class.

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At Force, we understand the many variables that arise when you consider the how, what, when, and where of your Transformations. On a daily basis we are inundated with so much conflicting information in regards to weight loss, strength training, and diet. Force wants to simplify the process for you.
We are here to help, to answer, and to teach. We are just alike-just people trying to find our quickest, happiest way to conversion. Whether we are converting fat to muscle, weakness to strength, disease to ease, injury to healing, misalignment to alignment, imbalance to balance, insecurity to confidence, or stress to release-we need support, guidance, acceptance, humor, and community.
Force exists as a facilitator of all of these. All questions are welcome. All levels are welcome. All people are Welcome. We Welcome You and Offer You Our Very Best.
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